There has to be a high point to the day. THIS IS IT.



    1. Your clients likely have no idea how to take photos together but that doesn't give you license to ruin the moment.

    2. Let them enjoy making this session their own but don't hang them out to dry

    3. There's a fine line between posing and suggestions : walk that line. 

  2. Prioritize the light on the bride and work the location, scene, color, and overall composition around what is most flattering to her

    1. Analyze what she likely loves about her dress.

    2. Analyze what she might be self conscious about.

  3. Cycle between moments of stillness and moments of movement and let each one feel important

    1. Give plenty of direction but always with ambiguous language.

    2. It's always easier to fix a pose a little bit than to try and explain it perfectly from scratch


    1. 45 minutes - 60 minutes of combined time together on their wedding day.

    2. Sessions are often split for "no-look" and "couple's sessions" or happen all at once with a "first look"

  5. Make the first look experience organic

  6. Back up and give them some room to breathe


  1. Never stop the motion for more than a few seconds
  2. Give general pose ideas "snuggle up super close to her / pull him in by the back of his neck"
  3. Give them plenty of space between poses to feel like they're still pulling into each other over and over
  4. Don't be afraid of silence