1. All Bridesmaids are inherently insecure. They've put hours into looking good and yet it's always a last minute rush to get finished. Don't be insensitive and petty but DO be direct. "We've got to get moving on ladies photos so that we can get to that first look on time." 
  2. All Groomsmen hate you by default. What's amazing about this simple fact is how easy it is to reverse. Groomsmen are one of our single largest advertising forces simply because we allow them to have fun.
  3. If you've seen it on Pinterest, it requires a whole group to jump at once, or it has a theme : it's more than likely a bad idea.
  4. We are 2/3 more likely to see images of our groups laughing and having fun in an album than we are a traditional capture.
  5. The more direction you give and the more efficient you work, the more the groups will like you.

Group Psychology

  1. There is always an alpha : try as hard as you can to figure out who they are and make friends (and poke fun - gently). ("backboarding")
  2. A group will do anything you ask as long as they feel like it was their idea
  3. If you rush anybody, you rush everybody
  4. Never raise your voice
  5. Never let them see you sweat