Max is was an answer to prayer and just good timing. One of my students during a short stent as a college professor Max loves to tell people that the only reason I offered him a job was because he wore a suit to his semester final. In reality this guy’s artistic depth and technical knowledge has taught me as much as I’ve taught him. Growing up over seas Max learned to take photos in the type of place most of us only dream of. Whether snapping pictures in Bali on family vacations or of Indonesian villages from the window of his dad’s bush plane the back story on this guy could easily take a few chapters to explain. The bottom line is Max is a servant at heart. Not only working for us as a photographer, designer, and all around catch all Max also manages his own list of our clients at his own weddings and events. Whether Max is pressing the button at a photoshoot with you, helping build your wedding album, or designing print material to make our client experience more exciting almost all of our clients are affected by this guy in one way or another.
— Miles

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