Today's blog post is going to be a special one. I have the pleasure of introducing Haley and Kevin. Haley has been a friend for years, so when I got the call about their wedding I felt so honored that they wanted me to be a part of their big day. On their engagement shoot she let it slip that she was a HUGE fan of all of the blogs, and she admitted that it helped her open her own blog. When I heard that, I wanted to give her a chance to share on my blog today. So with no further ado, here is Haley and her message on why your photographer should be the number one vendor to book for your wedding! -Max


Most brides get the same questions asked to them after they get engaged: 

  • How did he propose? 
  • When is the big day? 
  • Where's it going to be?

Now, the first one was easy! I love telling people how Kevin proposed to me on the Fourth of July during the fireworks! Luckily, the answers to the next two questions were found just days after he popped the question. Though Kevin and I live in Oklahoma, we knew we wanted to get married in Michigan where the majority of my family lives. We also knew we wanted to get married in 2017. We both live in Oklahoma, where we both are pursuing degrees while working. Therefore, a longer engagement meant more time to plan and less time to stress, especially with a "destination" wedding. So, we spent a little extra time in Michigan after the Fourth of July holiday to scout out locations, where we miraculously stumbled across our dream wedding venue just two days after the proposal. Being a 2017 bride, I had all the dates to choose from, and with a few quick comments about the calendar, the date was set: June 3, 2017.  

But, then what? What is the next thing you do when planning a wedding? Or better yet, what is the next question you are asked about your wedding? For me it was a mix of: "Who's going to be in your bridal party?" and "Have you thought about what you want your dress to look like?"  Now, don't get me wrong, I love talking about my bridal party and my dream dress as much as the next bride. But, once you set the date and choose the beautiful venue to say "I do," shouldn't the next question you hear be: "Who is going to be your photographer?"

Think about it: Who is going to capture your countenance as you walk down the aisle? Who is going to see your captivating love for one another and bind it in a frame? Who is going to capture your spirit as a couple in a simple smile and soft gesture during your engagement session? It's going to be your photographer.

A good photographer gives you more than pictures, he delivers your love story in an art more beautiful than words. That is why Kevin and I decided that our photographer was a top priority vendor for our wedding. More than anything, we want the duration of our engagement and our wedding to be a celebration of our love story. We scoured photographer portfolios and read reviews of companies in Michigan and Oklahoma. We contacted some about pricing and packages weighing the pros and cons of having one in the state we live in vs. the state we get married in. But, we kept coming back to this site. 

As a Spring 2017 Bride in the Fall of 2015, nothing about my wedding HAS to be planned right now. There are no time-constraints or pressure coming from anywhere to make a decision about anything. For that, I believe we are fortunate. Kevin and I get to spend time enjoying our journey to man and wife. We are also fortunate enough to have the time to   find the perfect photographer that will capture every moment along the way.

Miles and his team memorialize their clients by expressing their stories in sophisticated, artistic, and captivating media. They make the most vulnerable moments of life strong and beautiful through their careful diligence. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then your photographer beholds the image through which others see your beauty of your love for years to come. Max's photography captures the elegant beauty of a couple's extraordinary love through the perspective of one that appreciates the simplicity of a fleeting and timeless moment.  There is no one else we would rather have tell our love story than Max and Dave. - Haley

If you would like to keep up with Haley and Kevin's story over the next two years make sure to follow her blog!