Miles Witt Boyer

Huge fan of craft coffee and music on vinyl. In love with my wife and my two little boys.


Let’s just be honest, nobody ever knows how to write these things. So instead of telling you all about how fantastic I am, I’ll tell you about a few of the things that matter to me. I love people. I got into this job as a kid really, 15 years old working for a film photographer helping him lug around lighting and organize slides. By the time I actually got a camera in my hands I was hooked but not with the stuff, with the way people react to an image that tells a story they relate to. I’ve jumped around a lot since those days in Taos, NM. Some time working for a rafting and skiing photographer in Taos, a summer in San Antonio at an adventure camp shooting mountain biking and rock climbing, some time in New York shooting fashion and editorial and then around 2008 I settled in. Melissa and I formed this company with a real vision for our future. Shooting primarily weddings has taken us all over the world and introduced us to some of the most beautiful people and locations around but we wanted a bit more. The team grew as a response to that. I wanted to feel like I was educating and sharing as I shot and started initially hiring associates to come along side me. These days I’m sort of half boss, half bossed. This team is so talented that I’m honestly just honored to drive the ship and help keep us on course. I love all things analog, film, vinyl, and hind written notes. I sip on coffee and bourbon with great music on and enjoy the good stuff. A family who loves me, a God who inspires me, a team who pushes me, and clients who support me.


A visual diary of my life. The stories and the people that make what I do special.