“A dream, all a dream, that ends in nothing, and leaves the sleeper where he lay down, but I wish you to know that you inspired it.”  

—Charles Dickens

It's a pretty amazing thing watching a couple leave completely behind their nerves about a shoot and get caught up in a little adventure together. We didn't settle on this idea of adventure randomly. In fact it was something that I saw missing. So many people getting married and so many photographers trying to run them through an expected list of Pinterest inspired ideas full of props and gimmicks that the world seems to have lost its authenticity. I'm certainly not saying that these places we go are the types of places you'd find our couples on any random Tuesday - but that's the point isn't it? To show some contrast? To leave a couple madly in love with each other with more than just photos of memories but actually a few real memories? I'm not trying to imply that we're the only photographers doing this - but I am perfectly willing to say that it's not the norm. But then again the norm seems cheap, easy, expected and what we want is isn't to fit in. I don't want to be known as "the best" - but I do want to be known as the alternative. The authentic. The exciting. 

Normally I spend these blogs bragging on and on about the couple. The truth of the matter is Olivia and Derek are easily one of my favorite couples in a few years. Her smile and his confidence go a long way and when she wrote me a text before the session that essentially said she trusted me to make this process fun and unique I was challenged to do just that. So - here we go. A beautiful couple, at a time in their lives where every step seems to be a new adventure - out enjoying a world full of places they've never seen and never experienced. From the 40mph winds to the dusty dirt road this shoot was as authentic as they come and yet every little second seemed real and unscripted. I can't wait to watch these two get married simply because they trust the process so completely. If you're wanting your photos to be about a time in your life where the perfect seemed to take a back seat to reality and where memories were more important than simply smiles and poses - then we can't wait to be a part of your wedding. Wedding's aren't something we fell into, or an industry we're parking in for a little bit to see how it feels. This is our lives, our goals, and our future. We love this life, love our clients, and love that the authentic moments that happen in front of our cameras will only be more vivid as memories years from now.