"Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear."

— John Lennon

It's been just over a week since Lauren walked down a long sidewalk and then off into the grass aisle towards Blake. That walk from the back of the club house must have felt like an eternity to both of them and yet in a blink the ceremony was over and they were running back up the aisle hand in hand. There's nothing overtly unique about that part of the story - though it was certainly beautiful. But what makes this day unique is simply the two people and the way they love each other. 

I met Lauren the first time was seems like ages ago. They signed up for a long engagement and from the very first meeting I was blown away by her laugh and her smile. This girl loves to laugh and have fun but I could tell just seconds into their engagement shoot that there's something about Blake that calms her down and helps her feel safe. Blake is the type of guy who can be friends with an entire room. His big smile, huge laugh, and quick wit drives people to love him and though around the guys he's sharp and charming with Lauren he's sensitive and incredibly gentile. To watch this guy take his wife into his arms and just hold her is amazing - not simply because of the smile that comes across his face, but because of the calm and comfort that comes across hers. Everything about this wedding was perfectly planned and though I certainly love working with Amy + Pam (the planners Lauren hired to help manage and run the big day) much of this day was planned simply due to Lauren's laid back attitiude and go with the flow mentality. 

From the first steps onto the country club that day I was blown away by this wedding. Not because of the lavish florals or swanky scene (though the florals were beautiful and the country club was beautiful) but because every person I met was smiling. This has to have been one of the happiest groups of people I've ever been around and I can't think of any other reason other than simply that Lauren + Blake bring that out in people. I know I loved every second. Such a neat weekend being close to home, and yet working with such amazing people. THANK YOU to Blake (the bromance is still strong dude) and Lauren for making me feel like such an important part of this big day.