The key to building out your timeline is easy : allow your wedding day to be just that. A wedding DAY. There's no point in pushing anything to the last minute when you could take the time to enjoy the process with your closest friends, family and of course your fiance. That being said, if you ask any of your vendors to help you with your schedule you're likely to get an answer based on their point of view. Florists want to save your flowers in a refrigerator until the last minute, wedding planners want to get you down the aisle smiling and looking perfect, makeup artists don't want to have to wake up too early, and dj's want you to party late into the night so the dance music starts sooner. We've built this concept for timelines over years of watching all of this happening and wanting our couples to focus on their time together and how important the day is with friends. These timeline suggestions give us plenty of time as your photographers to allow you and your friends to be candid and fun without always having an agenda as well as time for all of the traditional aspects of the day. NOTE** These timelines do not include time for travel which can obviously vary the way a day flows a lot.

3:30 pre-ceremony : Bridesmaid Photos

2:45 pre-ceremony : First look & Couple's photos

2 hours pre ceremony : Groomsmen pictures

90 minutes pre-ceremony : All family arrives to venue

1:15 pre-ceremony : Bride's family photos

60 minutes pre-ceremony : Groom's family photos

45 minutes pre-ceremony : All photos are finished (Guests arrive and bridal party is hidden)

Ceremony Start Time 


2:45 pre-ceremony : Bridesmaid Photos

2 hours pre-ceremony : no peeking couple's photos (Refer to the "first look" section for more information)

90 minutes pre-ceremony : Groomsmen photos

45 minutes pre-ceremony : All Photos are finished (Guests arrive and bridal party is hidden)

Ceremony Start Time

10 minutes following ceremony : Bride's family photos

20 minutes following ceremony : Groom's family photos

30 minutes following ceremony : Couple's photos

60-75 minutes following ceremony : Enter reception