It all started when…

We realized that for all of the posts, and shares, and marketing we did - our very favorite clients were simply friends of our very favorite clients. This idea was born out of that concept. Call it a VIP program for not only the clients that we love the most, but also their friends! So here's how it works.

  1. You get access to THIS page because we shot your wedding!

  2. You send THIS page to your friends when they get engaged!

  3. They fill out THIS inquiry page which comes in as "VIP"

  4. They get $200 off of a standard wedding package

  5. You get $200 on a Visa gift card mailed to you

  6. We get to work with more awesome clients

  7. Everybody wins.

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We love to customize our pricing for each couple where we can. Most importantly we love to make sure we're a great fit for our couples. Let us know when is best for you to grab coffee, lunch, or just set up a phone date!