Earlier this week, Miles challenged us with this question: why do people hire us? I've been thinking on it a lot and in all honesty my only answers I could come up with were reasons I WISH people would hire us. But then it occurred to me that I have a unique perspective on things. Long before I ever worked for the Miles Witt Boyer team, I was a a follower and fan of their work and team. Specifically, these two guys.

4 years before I was hired to head up video for MWB, I was shooting second at a wedding for a different company (my first wedding to ever shoot I might add). Miles happened to be the photographer at that wedding. I'd already seen his team's work, I already knew they wore suits to every wedding, and I thought I had a pretty good idea as to how him and his team would be. The words arrogant and prideful rattled around in my head.

When Miles first showed up to start shooting for the day, I was struck at just how wrong I was. The entire wedding day Miles was extremely humble and kind. He served his couple by helping when things went awry. He led his team with grace when mistakes were made and encouraged them when they were doing well. He went out of his way to introduce himself to the young videographer with zero confidence and no idea what to do next. 

If you ask Miles, he'll tell you honestly that he barely remembers me from that day. I was pretty low in confidence, just trying to figure things out, and honestly I'm not surprised that I didn't leave much of an impression. But Miles and his team left an impression on me. And they had just gained a new fan.


Then there was this guy. Max was my first introduction into hanging out with the guys and really getting to know them. When I met Max, he was working part time at Bedford's to help out around their holiday times. I was taking a photography class at NWACC and needed to go in periodically to pick up prints for class assignments.

Max and I were fast friends, strongly because of Max's effort to get to know me. Max showed a genuine interest in my life. He cared about my work and what I wanted to do with my career. He asked about my family. And when he felt like he knew me well enough he invited me to hang out with the guys. All this time I spent thinking the MWB team was an exclusive concept, and over the span of two weeks talking with this guy, I was suddenly sitting in Onyx with these guys just hanging out.

By now you're probably wondering where the whole "why hire us" idea is going to come in. My answer is for all of the reasons above. I think there's a misconception out there that because we all dress pretty well, travel quite a bit, and post about some cool things we get to do, we are somehow part of an exclusive club. I think it's easy to forget that we are all still a group of humble guys who genuinely love what we do because we genuinely love people.

All of us value building relationships, whether that's with our friends, families, or clients. Much like these two guys did for me over time, all of us legitimately want to get to know the people we meet and the clients we work with. If you were looking for me to tell you about how we will do things better than any other company, or we are bigger, better, faster, stronger... I'm sorry to disappoint. 

You should work with us because we want to work with you. It's as simple as that.