Welcome back to my blog! If you've been following along on all my blogs then you're probably lying because this is my first blog in months... I know, I know. I'M SORRY! Between weddings, commercials, marketing, editing, phone calls, e-mails, life, I somewhere along the way remembered that I love writing and need to do it more. So thanks for your patience!

I thought the first thing I should write since my hiatus from blogging is over should be something inspiring. Anyone who knows me knows that I really love to write from the heart. What better way than to give a list of 5 things I think that EVERY couple should do with their videographer that will absolutely push their wedding video over the top! These tips are brought to you by my experiences over the last year! I've also included just a few and definitely not all of the videos above of couples who bought into this and whose videos, I think, reflect that! Here we go!


A lot of people don't realize that what you actually see on the screen is really only 50% of the magic that's unfolding before your eyes. In reality, audio is equally as powerful a tool as driving an emotional story forward as beautiful visuals are. Whether that's custom vows, handwritten letters, a diary entry from when you were 12 and first laid eyes on your husband/wife, WHATEVER! Whatever that is, you definitely should make a plan with your wedding videographer on the best way to get that audio captured so it can be used in your final film. Not only will you most likely cry tears of joy when you watch your final film, your wedding videographer will probably cry tears of joy when you tell them you're all in on giving them great audio to work with! Visuals are great, but crisp audio is absolutely icing on the cake!



This one might sound weird but it's true! Your first look, couple's session, and sunset shoot is JUST as important to your videographer as it is to your photographer! Even though it sounds weird, take a look at any of the videos at the top of this page and count how many moments are your favorites or how many you think are the prettiest. Most of the time your favorite photos from weddings are the couple's sessions and the same principle applies to videographers! By making time for the videographer to get a few shots IN MOTION* of you and your husband/wife, you are guaranteeing super pretty visual aspects that will leave you stunned, your family in tears, your friends jealous, and strangers wondering how they can look that good at their wedding.

*Pro tip - depending on the photographer, you may be moving around a lot or you may be doing more stand still "posey" shots. Neither one is wrong, but for video I can assure you that MOVEMENT IS BETTER. Try to be patient when your videographer asks you to do things like "brush the hair off his/her face" or "pull her in by her hips" etc.
Please ignore my Michael Jordan tongue. I know it's creepy. I'm working on it.

Please ignore my Michael Jordan tongue. I know it's creepy. I'm working on it.


Shooting your ceremony is probably the most stressful part of the day for your wedding videographer. Most of the time there are anywhere from 2-5 cameras (maybe more) and only one or two people to operate all of them. Having a venue or at the very least a plan for where your videographer can strategically place his/her cameras to get the best angles while causing the least amount of disturbance is absolutely key to making sure your ceremony gets the proper coverage. The wedding ceremony is the central story aspect to your wedding day and your wedding film! Helping to make this aspect of your day easy on us means we aren't stressed running around everywhere, and everyone is happier with the final result! 



Hear me out on this one! Nobody said you had to turn it off! Just turn it down a little bit! Going back to the importance of crisp audio in your films, getting natural audio moments are just as important! Natural audio is essentially things like you and your bridesmaids laughing together, mom and dad crying, you and your groomsmen clinking beers together. Whatever it may be, we want to be able to put those sounds in your video because it helps us as storyteller paint a picture of how the day unfolded and draw you in to those little moments that mean the most to you! Loud music while everyone gets ready makes it difficult for us to get those moments and make them sound good. There's no need for total silence but having a balance between atmosphere and being able to hear the person next to you is super key to those little moments!



Last but not least - make a wish list for your videographer referencing things YOU feel will be important for you to remember. Whether that's grandma standing at the end of the aisle, dad giving you a gift before the ceremony, or mom's secret note written on your bouquet - as storytellers it's our job to hunt those things down and bring them to light in your final film. Ultimately, our job is never going to be complete until we have told your story to the absolute best of our abilities, and it's all going to come down to the things that are important to you being made known to us so we can capture these moments and memories!


So there you have it! 5 tips for everyone who reads this on things that will absolutely push your wedding video over the top! Have any questions? Need any tips? Drop me a line below and let me know how I can help!

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