Light streamed across the sky. A beautiful array of colors overloaded his senses and he stood in the sunbeams awaiting his bride. Birds and crickets chirped. A bead of sweat formed on his brow. The sea of people faded away and for a brief moment he was all alone in the world. She arrived like a thief in the night. She briskly stepped out of the car and their gaze met. She made her way down the aisle. He could hear no sound but the beating of his heart like a drum in his ear. She inched closer to him. He held out her hand. She took it. The rest of the world faded away, leaving nothing but two star crossed lovers in its wake.

HOLY CRAP! I have been so excited to share this gorgeous wedding with you all! Megan and Scott's day was absolutely amazing. Everything went off without a hitch and literally everything about this wedding was just absolutely perfect. No amount of sweat or blistering heat was going to keep this stunning day from

The most amazing part about this whole day was the amount of beautiful light we had to work  with for Megan and Scott's photos and video. It seemed like all the light was perfectly shaped all day, and it was an absolute testament to the amount of love shared between these two. All throughout the day it was so apparent that they are absolutely head over heels for each other. I'm honestly just humbled to have been able to be a spectator to it all! Congratulations Megan and Scott!