Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a mildly (or wildly) passionate person. Actively pursuing goals and chasing dreams is something rare these days, and I personally feel like it's fading fast. Having the opportunity to partner with this AMAZING company run by two incredibly talented women, all about promoting women empowerment and giving women a platform and voice was something I was ready to jump headfirst into for a change of pace from weddings.

My favorite part about this shoot was seeing so many women come together for a common cause with joy and passion for one another. During the interview sessions (more on that to come) I was walking away more and more inspired after talking with these ladies one on one. Hearing each of their stories and struggles, being a part of what inspires them, and having the opportunity to peer into their lives for five minutes at a time was such a breath of fresh air.

These days I'm juggling more and more weddings side by side with commercial work, and I am loving it. Partnering with amazing companies like Robert Todd on a regular basis is a dream of mine that I've slowly watched become a reality. Here's to kicking things into high gear and giving you guys more awesome films from all my latest adventures!