Hi my name is Jared. I want to take a minute to introduce myself as the newest member of the MWB team.  I'm married to a smokin' hot woman named Adrienne; I love and adore her. She is my rock, my encourager, an awesome mom, and my best friend. I want to date her forever. I have a stinkin' cute baby girl named Hadlee. She keeps things super interesting and blesses my socks off every day. OH yeah, I also have a pretty cool dog who doesn't get as much attention as he used to! 

My wife and I moved to Northwest Arkansas almost 3 years ago to serve on staff at a church plant called Northwest Community Church. We moved from the little town of Macon, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. I was serving as a worship pastor and going into my 4th year at an amazing church when God decided He had some different plans for our family. We were super comfortable and we loved our lives and the people in it. God's plans suddenly looked more like leaving those friends and family to go serve in a "foreign land" 1000 miles away that was super not comfortable. It would take some serious faith and trust. We listened, and by His grace, we followed.

God has a special way of calling us out of our comfort zone. He took us out of a place of stability and into a circumstance that involved trusting Jesus at every turn- right where He wanted us. Church planting in NWA has been a roller coaster of awesome and often has a sobering way of bringing me back to that reality that I really am dependent on Jesus for everything. I'm thankful for this.

I feel like Hebrews 13 says it best. The writer warns us about falling in love with money and challenges us to be content- Reality check. Have you ever prayed for contentment? That is a super tough one. What is awesome about that chapter is how the writer goes on to say that as we strive to be content where God has called us, God will never leave us nor forsake us. THAT is the fuel that empowers contentment in our lives. Without that promise, true contentment is impossible.

When we finally hand over the keys, and we surrender our wants and needs to God, doors begin to fly open. This is where my story gets pretty cool, and starts to land me were I am now. I finally figured out that my plans for my life weren't going to satisfy me like God's plan would, and God began to open up opportunities for me to trust Him even further. That open door suddenly looked like a classy-dressed guy named Miles Boyer. God has a funny way of bringing friendships together, and this was no exception. I'd never even heard of Miles Witt Boyer, but after a 2 hour lunch of some Hive burgers with no tomato jam(who even likes that stuff???) and talking about what Christ was doing in our lives, I knew God was up to something. (Miles may also have enlightened me to a few fun facts about Fuji during that time as well... maybe.)

Did I know that a month and a half later I'd be working with the guy and dreaming about how his team of 4 could literally change the world? Well...no. But that is exactly what is taking place.

You see I've come to believe that the Miles Witt Boyer team has a huge responsibility and calling to serve and bless people in radical ways. If it be weddings, family sessions, films, or even real estate, how can we serve and bless people well? With that question at the forefront of our minds, I truly believe walls can be torn down and lives can be built up, and change can occur. 

It's not about the money, or fame, or even the followers. It is about stepping back and genuinely caring for people. Putting other's needs above your own and trusting God will take care of the rest. That kind of love is a game changer.

It is funny looking back, but I realize now that God's calling on my life has always been about people, about relationships and about sharing hope. This team has a great hope that changes the way we do business. It is a hope that overflows and impacts the lives of people we encounter. The world needs hope and we want to share it through the gifts He has entrusted us with.

So 2017, on behalf of the team, ready or not here we come.

True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself less.
— C.S. Lewis