One thing I love about Real Estate Photography is being able to see transformation occur. I'm to the point now, having some houses under my belt, that I can walk into a room and see the potential it holds, or lack of potential ;). The latter is not nearly as fun.

Sometimes we walk into a home and totally hit the jackpot and it feels like we are shopping in a flippin' Pottery Barn, but that is not always the case. A lot of times it is a home that needs some serious attention and the seller is leaning on you to help bring it to life.

I want to let you in on some of the transformations that take place in our Real Estate Photography. The transformations come in all sizes, some are just little adjustments to the lighting and others are total color shifts and cloning out broken swimming pools in the backyard with photoshop. :)  We thought it would be cool to give you a glimpse of some of those transformations we create everyday!


Again, every house is different going into it, but they all do hold one thing in common, they can all be transformed. Thats what this team is all about, taking something and bringing out the true beauty in it. Be it people or buildings they each have a story to be told and we want to transform that story into a masterpiece!