Once again another awesome local artist coming out of Northwest Arkansas. World, meet Jake Noren from the band Grey Horse. When Jake asked our team to come in and help shoot some pictures for his band Grey Horse, I was immediately IN!

Jake is a great dude who is uber talented. He is one of those musicians that just makes you mad because they can play every instrument known to man, and play them all really well. ;)


Make sure you go and check out the stuff Jake and the guys from Grey Horse are writing and producing, your ears will thank you! You can go online and check out Jake's music and even stay up to date on his upcoming shows through his facebook page. Jake just put out a new song called "Know Me Enough", in the song he says 

We were so young back when, I loved you then. The doors are open to my heart, I’ve been spoken for and I’m ready to go. Every last breath you are breathing, feels like it’s over and I’m ready to go.
— Grey Horse








Grey Horse has a show coming up on June 30th from 7-9pm at the 8th Street Market in Bentonville, AR. Go show Jake and the guys some love! Our team loves being able to walk along side artists and help highlight their unique gifts and talents. Jake, thanks for letting me shoot these awesome pictures of you!