Don't you love being part of things that matter; stuff that makes a difference in people's lives? I love how music has a way of impacting people and bringing truth and hope to people. It is an avenue unlike any other. 

Shane Schauer approached me about partnering and helping with some social content and album artwork for his upcoming album, It's Not Over. I couldn't have been more stoked. I love being a part of things that can bring change and hope into people's lives. Honored to walk with this guy and see this album come to life.

Every hope becomes restored, worry wears a crown no more.
— Shane Schauer: It's Not Over

As we got to spend some time together and really set the foundation for a sweet friendship, I got to hear his heart for the world and for this album... talk about a message of hope for the people. This album is that voice I'm talking about. Taking a message God gives you and translating it into melodies and words that encourage and bless people. I can get on board with that 100%. 

Shane took some serious steps of faith with this album. Starting out with a Kickstarter campaign, God opened the flood gates and provided $15k in funding to make the record happen. Evidence of God's faithfulness and the fact that people want to be a part of things that matter and that can make an impact. 

It’s not over, no. Don’t let go, no. He’s still fighting, so it’s not over.
— Shane Schauer: It's Not Over

This whole album screams hope. We all need to be reminded that God is on the move in our lives and is fighting on our behalf. In times of suffering, letting go and giving up can feel like the only paths we can walk down. We need a word in our lives that reminds us, IT'S NOT OVER. God has a purpose and a plan for our lives. God wants to give us perspective. He wants to give us eyes to see His restoration. 

Go give Shane's album a listen, SHANE SCHAUER: IT'S NOT OVER. Better yet, help support Shane and his message of hope. BUY IT! I've had the album on repeat all morning. Be encouraged today: Christ is stronger and he is writing your story. 

You are with me in the desert, we’re dancing in the storm. And when I least expect it, you quench my thirsty soul. Your with me in the fire, and I will not be burned. You stop the mouths of lions, your my confidence assured.
— Shane Schauer: It's Not Over