Oklahoma City, where do I even begin with this story. Taylor reached out to us through another wedding we were apart of, Maggie and Trevor. Taylor was such an amazing Bride. She was pretty much down to do absolutely whatever we asked! From trekking during their engagement shoot to playing in the rain on her bridal shoot, down to doing her hair and makeup outside in what looked like some gnarly storm clouds. I was quickly brought in as just one of the family on this day and I loved it. I was able to watch a bride and groom just melt into each others arms during their first look. Which if you didn’t know before, now you do, OKC has a light house. And its a pretty gorgeous back drop for some photos. I was pretty blown away by the beautiful scenes we were able to allow Taylor and Thomas to enjoy seeing each other for the first time in. My wing man this weekend was Andrew and I would say that this wedding turned out absolutely stunning!! Taylor and Thomas were so sweet and kind all day and their families were the exact same way. I was honored to be there to watch this day unfold and watch these two amazing people, and friends dedicate their lives to one another infant of all of their friends and family! Here is to you Taylor and Thomas, to a life of love and happiness, and to the support of amazing family and friends that I saw on the day of your wedding!! -Max

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