Where to being with Bethany and Jordan. These two were bubbly from day one when we sat down in the coffee shop. Bethany's mom was there telling me, yes they may be young, but watch their depth with each other and you will understand. She was so right, on the morning of their wedding day both of these two were calm, a little anxious, but most of all they were ready to get this show on the road. I sat back during the morning and watched as all of their friends and family complimented and dreamed of love with the breadth of theirs. It was during the no look first look that I remember watching Jordan as much as he wanted to open his eyes and see his soon to be bride he didn't. It meant so much to them to spend time together before their ceremony but he knew how much Bethany wanted that moment of first sight being when she walked down the aisle to him. These two were nothing but smiles and joy their entire day and I am so glad that I was there to be apart of it all. I am excited to watch these two continue to walk together and support each other in what they love and in what they dream to do individually  and together. So without any more of my blabbering, here is Bethany and Jordan!! - Max