I am going to keep my section of this write up as brief as possible. I want to start by saying I never set out in my photography career to shoot boudoir. However I was given the opportunity once, and I took that chance to shoot these in an uplifting way. In a way that showed both the outer beauty and the inner beauty of the woman in front of me. This shoot with B was one of the most perfect ways to say I am going to start offering these more publicly. I know that there is a stigma with Boudoir photos and especially with men that shoot it. I hope that my heart and my mind set on these is seen through both the words of B, and through the way that I have captured these images and emotions. - Max

So without any more delays, here are a few words from B herself. 

//Let me start by saying what a privilege it was to get to shoot with Max, I’ve admired his work for sometime now and I never thought I’d be in front of his camera. Even though we had only met for coffee the day before the shoot, the process was straightforward and unexpectedly comfortable considering I would be “modeling” only in crisp Calvin Klein’s per request. I use the word “modeling” loosely as that is not a talent or gracefulness I possess; however, Max was very professional in giving posing directions that translated as confidence on camera.  The whole time shooting, we jammed to Kanye’s obnoxious new album, he spoke fondly of his girlfriend, and we chatted about our Christian faiths; the whole experience was so comfortable, it felt like I was just hanging out with an old friend.

After seeing a few images, I was moved at how much emotion and integrity that was captured. Even now I’m still speechless. Throughout the experience, I’ve never felt more beautiful and confident with myself emotionally and physically. I would recommend the opportunity of shooting boudoir photos to everyone and anyone; however, I truly believe a positive experience and the true sanctity of boudoir can only be produced by Max.// B.