This year has been a whirlwind of traveling for me. I can't complain on any level I have been able to go from Vegas to New York and what feels like every where in between. I think my favorite so far this year has been this one because it was all mine. I met Jess and Jordan in February at another wedding Miles' and I were at in St. Louis and we hit it off right away. I don't want to speak to long on this blog but these two are absolutely some of my favorite people. Their love and kindness for each other is so amazing to watch. And the laughter they infect in people is something rare to find these days. The whole crew on this day was amazing, we came into the weekend expecting some cloud cover, and maybe even some rain but were blessed with a full sun day. Everyone was so great even in the heat of the day taking photos, laughing and just enjoy the day that their two friends got married. That being said I just want to say to both Jess and Jordan, and their friends and family, thank you so much for allowing myself and Delyn to be behind the camera on your wedding day. It was such a blast and I absolutely look forward to being friends with you two!!