I’m going to start this blog where it started for me. I am not sure when the day was or where it happened but Jay and I met back in college. We had a lot of similar classes but I wouldn’t say we were really tight until our trip to London one summer. I got to know this guy who enjoyed some pretty unique things in life and really had a mind for what he wanted out of his own life. As we both went on our own ways after college we stayed in touch, and over the years I started to hear about this girl he liked. It turns our this girl was Ashley! I saw Jay shift in who he was, not in a bad way, he matured into a man ready to be married, a man ready to take on the joys and the struggles of marriage. It was such an awesome day for me when I got through a text, “Hey man, I know you’re probably booked, but are you available November 3rd?”. I was over joyed that at the time I was totally free that day!! So here’s a little story of their day through images, enjoy folks!! Ashley + Jay were such a blast to document and to tell their story in the best way I know how.