Creativity is never something that is commanded, at least for myself it is not. I have never been able to just say, BE creative. It is a mind set I have to fall into. I know that sound bad from someone that is meant to be creative on a daily basis. It can drain you when it is 24/7. However, there are those certain moments, the certain light, the certain weather that can just trigger it for you. Fairlane Station for me is this creative trigger. Something about the way the light plays, the way the environment allows you to flow among it, as a creative this place gets me FIRED up. So when Sarah and Josh met with me about their wedding being there I knew I had to have it. 

Sarah and Josh are so genuine and sweet with each other I just knew that the group of friends there on their wedding day would be the absolute same and they were. Take a little scroll through the creativity of my mind on their wedding day. I really enjoyed being here for these two and shooting their day and their story for them! Leave a comment if you enjoyed it and let me know what you loved about their wedding story!