Santiago, where do I even start with this blog? I guess for me this all started back in Indonesia when a new family came to town. Santi and his family were the new kids on the block and they just happened to get stuck on my bus route. For about a year and a half I believe we were on the same route to school together. I think it was then that set a tone for our friendship. So when I got a super humbled instagram/facebook message from Santi asking if I might be free for him and Kate’s wedding I was over the moon. I of course said yes and then started seeing how we were going to be there capturing their day. 

I had never met Kate, and did most of my talking about the wedding with Santi so on the wedding day when I walked into a room filled with girls doing hair and makeup, I was a little nervous to say “HEY Kate, congratulations on today” to the wrong girl. As I found out quickly Kate knows no stranger. She came through her room of bridesmaids to greet me and welcome me to the party. As I am sure you all will find out as you go through these images it was that indeed, a party! I didn’t realize how much fun a group of Aggie graduates and missionary kids would have but I was in for a treat. Guys, I am not really sure how to tell the story of their day, there were so many joyful tears, intimate moments with family members, speeches that spoke to who each of these two amazing humans were and dancing, lots of dancing! Please enjoy this gorgeous Astin Mansion wedding in Bryan Texas. Congratulation to both Santi and Kate as they take on life together, and take on the good times and the hard times it will bring!


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