What does a day with emotions look like? How do you manage your emotions on a wedding day? Do you cry? Do you laugh? Do you hide them? I have always told my grooms, since let’s be honest as men we are told to be “tough” show now emotions”, let the day come as it comes. If you have emotions let them out, this is the day to cry when you see your bride, this is the day to laugh at your past life choices, this is the day to rejoice that you’re no longer walking alone on this life journey. Most of my grooms hear me on this, and you know what, as I have not been a groom myself maybe I just don’t get it, but what I can say is that I hope on my wedding day (which is sooner than y’all think) I hope that when I feel tears welting I let them roll, when I feel my mouth curling I let it laugh, when I feel my inner voice belting I let it roam in joy. 

Morgan and Chance have been such a sweet couple through this process, investing not only in themselves but also in myself and Brandon and it was so fun to watch as we walked in on their wedding day the way they brought us into every moment. They allowed themselves to have a vulnerable, loving day with each other and with their family and friends. If you ever wonder what a day with a groom that is emotional looks like, take a look. I truly do pray that on the day that my fiancé and I get married that I will be as vulnerable and emotional as Chance was as he lived the best day of his life.