Friendship found in the most peculiar of places. Ashley and I met on a beach in Aruba back in 2017, wow, that is a heck of a long time ago but at the same time it feels like yesterday! She was down there for a girls trip and I was down their for another wedding, Edan + Jahir. Edan just so happened to be using their Razorback coozies on the beach and Ashley (who knows no stranger) walked right up to my Edan and said “Hey! What part of Arkansas are you from?” Remind you, we are on a private island in Aruba....Edan responded, “Bentonville”. That was all she wrote, Ashley being a Bentonville resident struck up a conversation and somehow Edan, brought up that if Ashley ever needed a photographer that I just HAD to be her photographer. Fast forward a little bit and Ashley posted on her Instagram that she was engaged and then came the messages! “Are you available to shoot my wedding and would you even want to?”  My answer of course was YES to all the above. Over the next year and a half Ashley and her fiancé, Corey, would become close friends of mine, and once my now fiancé moved down to Arkansas we all hit it off and hung out way to much to be healthy! I think this is what made Ashley and Corey’s day so much more special. All the moments shared, all the friendships grown over the past year, the laughs, the little inside jokes, and the trust gained. I joked early on with Ashley that I would be her favorite bridesmaid by the end of her wedding and I am SO glad she took full advantage of my knowledge and my ideas as she planned her day! The team that she acquired was so fun to work with and we had such a blast working at a new venue and a unique one at that. 

Corey, being a pilot and so in love with flying, made it natural to talk to him. Growing up around planes, pilots, and the air gliding beneath you made hanging out with Corey come easy. Over the course of their time engaged, I was able to go on two flights with Corey and talk about so many others. I think this love of planes made their venue choice so easy. They decided early on that they would be the first, and one of only two, weddings to take place at Thaden Field House in Bentonville AR. Decor was based on aviation lingo and planes all over the place! It was so so fun to watch the way that Corey, in true Corey form is you know him, light up so bright as he was around Ashley. The smile on his face, the jokes in his conversation, the ease that he put Ashley as was just a please to be around all day.

I am blessed to know these two people and I am blessed to call them friends! Please go through these images and just love on them. Give them a comment if you know them, and let them know how much they mean to you. To Ashley and Corey, lets keep this friendship thing going and lets all go for another flight soon!

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