"You're the sweetest little secret, yes I mean to the bone, you're my good luck charm and baby I can't leave you alone" The Dirty Guv'nahs

I'm still smiling from this session. Hilary and Payton are my kind of people. They're hilarious together and completely down for any adventure I could throw at them. We found out exactly how far off road a Chrysler 200 can go on this session, may or may not have taken time for a drink or two, and listened to The Dirty Guv'nahs as loud as the bluetooth speaker would go. I can't say enough about these two and how excited I am for this wedding now. These sessions are always a blast but occasionally I get to completely step out of "work" mode and just enjoy a few hours outside and this was completely that experience. I'll of course write all about the two of them after their wedding and can't wait to try and wrap words around how little Hilary looks wrapped up in Payton's arms, or how big Payton's laugh really is. But for now - just soak up some fall air in Arkansas. Cheers! - Miles.