…I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once. 

John Green

I honestly don't know where to start. This shoot brought with it a lot of pressure for everybody involved. When you are a photographer, marrying a photographer, who works for the photographer who is photographing you (did you get all that?) the conversation of how to make this whole thing unique starts pretty early. In fact long before Megan and I ever really started discussing elements of her wedding day, we started day dreaming how we were going to do this shoot in a way that would really excited Delyn. After a few ideas fell through I called Megan with a wild pitch - let me see if I can get access to a cave that I know of and let's do your shoot inside? ... "ok?" I'm not sure Megan really understood my vision until I started showing her the images but if you know much about Megan you know that she is kind, beautiful, and incredibly trusting. So - she let me take the reins a bit and told me on several occasions she just wanted me to have fun. She wanted ME to have fun? Coolest bride ever. And as Max and I piled into my 4Runner (with Megan in the front seat) and took off for a pretty decent drive towards where the shoot was supposed to happen (top secret of course) the fun kicked in. We listened to great music, laughed, and played with the light with Megan until it was dark out. Megan surprised Delyn with two dresses on the day of the wedding (one for the first look, and one for the ceremony) and so we tackled two very distinct looks and two completely different dresses. 

I can't say enough about the final images. I told Megan during the shoot I want to do this in a way that Delyn doesn't understand. I want to mix elements of natural light, artificial light, and photoshop together so that he has to scratch his head and say.... "wait - what?" I think we successfully accomplished that goal along with leaving him completely in awe of how beautiful his new wife is. I am so proud of the look we managed to pull off, but more than anything incredibly excited to be able to start to share the photos of the newest member of this company. Megan isn't exactly shooting for us, but the reality is that this company is incredibly family focused and we're so blessed to see Delyn have Megan finally here with him. I'll tell the whole story about how they met, who she is, and what they're like together... Soon. But for me to wrap my mind around the blessing Delyn has been to me personally and to this company will take some time, and then to try and sum up the way I've seen him grow and change just since he met this amazing girl is a whole other chapter. Megan is pretty amazing and it was a complete honor to have the chance to interpret her as a bride artistically. If you check in fairly soon on Delyn's blog - I think you'll see a completely different look on her as he had a chance to shoot his own bridal session of Megan on their honeymoon (which they're still on) and the photos are unbelievable. The neat thing about this girl is that though these are just my photos - Max is also going to blog about his shots with Megan and how the shoot played out for him. Three blog posts for one very deserving bride. Welcome to Arkansas, Welcome to our company, and WELCOME to our family Megan. We're blessed to have you and excited for you and Delyn! Cheers - Miles.