I can really clearly remember the day I decided to do this full time. My parents had sent me about 50 different photography books - some just for inspiration, and some for education to get me really motivated. The truth is, even though I was coming out of a degree with a ton of training, and fresh out of a job in NYC with tons of experience - doing this for myself was a kind of risk I wasn't quite sure how to juggle. I sat on the floor in Barnes and Noble looking through books about wedding photographers wishing I had enough money to buy them and then a magazine caught my eye. Amidst a bunch of glossy bright bold colored covers was one, bigger, softer, much classier looking magazine. As I pulled it out and started thumbing through my first Grace Ormand I was blown away at how elegant and refined this publication was. This wasn't a "COSMO" for brides. It was Vogue. It was elevated, perfectly designed, crafted. In an instant I can remember feeling completely over my head in this industry and wanting really nothing more than just to take a photo worthy of finding itself in these pages. Flash forward a few years and a few hundred weddings and the desire to be in GO has never really subsided. I've seen my work published in several national magazines and even a few hard cover books, dozens of wedding blogs, and even a handful of TV shows and yet getting into these pages has yet to happen. The truth is I got up from the floor that day at the book store, put every book away - and spent money I definitely didn't have to buy one thing. Grace Ormand. 

I actually still have that magazine in my office. It sits at the back of a stack of magazines full of my photos and I've never really known why I kept it. I've read it a few times, looked through it's photos a few dozen and never been able to throw it away. I'm pretty thrilled today to be able to say that along with the help of a team full of photographers who are constantly supporting me and this company, and a whole team of amazing vendors my photos have finally found their way into Grace Ormand. This has been a long time coming in a sense, but on the other hand to say that I am humbled is still a massive understatement. To be honest - I'm at a bit of a loss for words to really describe how I'm feeling. We'll be featured in Southern Bride Magazine, New England Weddings Magazine, Arkansas Bride Magazine, and Celebrate Arkansas Magazine in the next few months - but there's something about seeing these photos in Grace Ormand that has me pretty excited. A HUGE thank you to the Bates-Reed Team, to Tanarah Luxe Bridal, Eventures, Lightworks, and a ton of other vendors who all pitched in to make this weekend a huge success and of course THANK YOU to Marcy + Juan for hiring me, trusting my vision, and being wonderful on the other side of our cameras over this 5 day event! We're so proud to be able to have all worked together to accomplish these shots!