“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox

Can't say enough about these people. I don't get to work with as many families these days as I used to. People don't realize that I still shoot families and I don't have the time to tackle as many as I once did because of all of the weddings - still there's a few families that I look forward to seeing every year. There's always a hand full of new people who call and I always try and find time to make sure families are still on my schedule but this family and I go way back. In fact I'm fairly sure Lindsey + Bryan remember me before I was much more than a personal trainer with a dream of owning a photography company. Here we are years later and these two along with their two amazing kidos mean the world to me. Lucas and Vivi are definitely little buddies of mine and Mr. Miles never really feels like it's work when we're all shooting. This session was a blast. We went ahead and gave into the cheesy. Family session at Crystal Bridges has the potential to fall off the deep end of cheesy in a hurry. But the thing that I LOVE about this family perhaps most is that they've listened to me for years now when I keep saying that family photos should be about memories and not about poses. It should be about moments and not about ideas. There are no ideas with these guys these days - just cute outfits, a full hour to run and have fun, and enough space for the kids to enjoy the process. I know a lot of people who can't beg, bribe, or scare their kids into smiling for a photo and to that I'd suggest it's the parent who is causing the problem. Hire a photographer who loves kids, and wants to have fun and there will be no shortage of smiles. Hire a photographer who can help you remember what it felt like to have your family at this stage in your lives and you've got a gift that's worth so much more than any perfect smile can provide. A HUGE thanks to Lindsey, Bryan, Lucas, and little Vivi for always letting me enjoy the process!