“Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame.”
– Henry David Thoreau

There is a story to this couple I can't wait to tell. This session happened just a few days before their amazing St. Louis wedding and though it's hard for me to keep all those stories to myself I can't wait to show off what an incredible wedding in downtown STL looks like in the late fall and so I'll keep this short. These two are amazing together. Melissa has never been around me without a huge smile on her face. This girl is the type of person who just soaks up life and refuses to not enjoy the moment. Sam and I clicked immediately. This guy is quite literally a hero for his tours over sea serving this country and still spends 6 months out of the year training our finest men and women how to protect us. I couldn't possibly respect a guy more and to know him and the kind, funny guy that he is makes him even cooler. Clearly a gorgeous couple together the number of things that make these two tick is overwhelming. I can completely see them traveling together, laughing together, and enjoying lazy evenings and fun moments together. They're both completely present in the moment and I can sincerely say this wedding was one of the most beautiful of the year. So much more on that soon - but for now... Enjoy a little late fall sun, brisk chilly air, and two people completely wild about each other.