Even the sun directs our gaze away from itself and to the life illumined by it.     

-- Eberhard Arnold

These two are magnetic. Carolyn + Dalton's connection to each other is the kind of thing you can't look away from. So ironic that we would have such beautiful light on this shoot because the warmth of the afternoon sun, the fall breeze, even the perfectly yellow autumn sunset through the trees in the distance perfectly wrapped the gift of shooting these two. I have so much to say already about them. Carolyn's laugh is infectious, her smile enormous, and the way she giggles and squirms in Dalton's arms is completely adorable but it's Dalton's personality that throws their entire world in orbit. His quick wit, sarcastic humor, and gentle touch with Carolyn is amazing to watch. I really can't say enough about this session, simply because it didn't start with a long consultation or a afternoon cocktail like most of our client relationships do. After a quick FaceTime date with them we decided we were all perfect together and now that they've booked Bates-Reed as their wedding planners the design element of this wedding promises to be incredible. Every little detail will be perfect and just like this shoot, I can't imagine any body else behind the camera. I'm so grateful for these two people and their new friendship. Soak up the sun and enjoy the laughs. There's so many more to come from Carolyn + Dalton.