"One is very crazy when in love." - Sigmund Freud

There aren't even words that can do this session justice. Rusty and Johanna stepped out of the car already smiling and looking amazing. These two have a joy for life and a joy in each other that is so addicting to be around. We met for their engagement shoot with them having no idea where we were going to go or what the plan was. I love when couples trust me so much that they just let me dream up ideas and that's exactly what this session was. We had a few locations in mind but what quickly became obvious was that it didn't matter where we went the background would not matter. 

Johanna has a laugh that is absolutely captivating. She's so shy and quiet until the awkwardness builds up and just explodes in laughter. The on going joke this entire shoot was how many times she punched, pushed, or pinched Rusty. To watch these two flirt reminds you of everything honest and sweet about love. It really is pretty amazing to watch her relax into his arms and then between awkward moments and laughing out loud together there was a few quick moments where Johanna just took a deep breath and relaxed back into Rusty. Those quick seconds where absolutely magic when I could see exactly why he loves her and how safe she feels with him.

Rusty is a big personality. He's confident and funny and so willing to do anything to make Johanna laugh. (Which really doesn't take much.) This guy was dressed just right head to toe the entire shoot and that's something I don't get to say much. As he put it "I'm not a suit guy, but I brought some cool stuff." Really though - he was cool head to toe and a perfect match not only for our locations but for their personalities.

We lucked out pretty perfectly on this session to have the first almost hot day of the year. Over 70 degrees outside this whole session was beautiful not only because of Rusty and Johanna but because we got to spend a few hours outside just enjoying the sun. I can't say enough about how anxious I am for this wedding and how blessed I feel to be a part of this process with them.