"When love is not madness, it is not love." -Pedro Calderon de la Barca

FAVORITE MOMENT : Delyn grabbed a camera and shot his own fiance for a minute.

FAVORITE MOMENT : Delyn grabbed a camera and shot his own fiance for a minute.

There's really no compliment in this job like being asked to shoot a close friend's wedding. Stack that on top of that friend not only being a talented photographer but also a member of our team and the pressure is on. I can't say enough about my afternoon with Megan + Delyn. If you keep up with us at all you're undoubtedly very familiar with Delyn and his amazing story. I brag on him all the time and his climb from Starbucks barista to my lead associate but the story I haven't shared is his heart for this amazing woman and how their love came out of what he does best.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm certainly not taking credit for this whirlwind romance, that was all God. But when Delyn met Megan (who was a bridesmaid) at Kat + Drew's wedding last year none of us had any idea the spark that had been lit.  

For as much as I brag on the man Delyn is and the integrity and love that he shares with our company, our clients, and just the world around him I haven't talked much about Megan. I'm sure he would agree, she's a lot to sum up in a few sentences. Strikingly beautiful,  radically humble, deliberately spiritual, unapologetically kind.  

Megan officially met Delyn (aside from a quick handshake) as a student in a lightHEARTED workshop last year. A talented photographer in her own town of College Station, TX Megan's laugh (both at my bad jokes and me in general) along with great questions and an overall humility to her learning quickly caught all of our eyes. (Evidently Delyn especially). When the two went to grab coffee after the workshop wrapped up I never dreamed just a few months later we would be dreaming up how he was going to propose to her . 

Both of these two people are so focused on their ministry to the world around them and the role God has in their lives that it was no surprise to me that when their lives collided things moved quickly. This session was the result of quite a bit of planning since we wanted to take Delyn to a few places he had never shot so that he could relax unto the role of groom instead of my associate photographer. I can honestly say this : I'm not sure I've ever seen two people quite this in love. This session was completely off of their radar as far as locations go. We went to places neither of them had even heard about let alone seen and though I knew what their outfit choices were going to be I did my best to not give them any hints about where they were going when they changed clothes just to keep the mystery and fun of the shoot alive. 

The result was so honest and real that I was surprised as I sat down to edit all of the emotion we had caught. The laughs, the angles, and the quiet little moments were all but unscripted and as much as I would love to take credit for the success of the shoot in reality Megan + Delyn made my job pretty easy. We're so grateful and excited to welcome Megan to Northwest Arkansas as a friend and team wife and can't wait to see all of the ideas and fun locations we all dream up together for the big day this October.