On the off chance that you haven't been living in a box for the last few weeks you've likely heard of this event. We basically teamed up as a large group of wedding and event friends and challenged ourselves to put together something that hadn't really been done before in our area. A giant styled shoot pulling together 12 different companies with 150 guests invited to watch the end result. Just on the production side alone we some how managed to shoot and video, edit 100 photos, along with a 4 minute film, and compile an entire production in just over 4 hours. To say we were up against a wall is a bit of an understatement and yet I'm always blown away by our team and the things we pull off. 

Needless to say none of this event would have been possible without a very fun, very close group of vendors who all put their heart and soul into offering a whole group of engaged couples and brides to be a glimpse into a dream wedding. I think the biggest compliment of the entire day came from Justin (our mock groom) when we told me on his way out of the reception about 10:30 Saturday night that they may have had more fun at their second wedding than they did their first! 

I'll get on to it! Over the next few days I'll be blogging a bit about the experience and the production itself as well as chatting a bit about some of the vendors who were involved. Please keep in mind we're not one to play favorites in an event like this. There are a lot of vendors in our area that we love to work with and love to see that weren't included in this particular event simply because we all were exclusive to our industry (meaning we were the only photography / videography company represented). All of that said - check out this fun little get to know us video that Dave (check him out here) pulled together to kick off the event! 

I'll be trickling out shots from this event but want to give a HUGE shout out to the BATES-REED Brides team along with the 21C event staff for pulling together some of the most beautiful decor I've ever shot! We have the pleasure of being able to call Amanda Reed and Amy Bates friends and really to say that they are talented at what they do is a massive understatement. We've shot weddings all over the state with this incredible team of ladies driving the ship and the one thing I can say without hesitation is that I've never seen a ball dropped. The decor is always perfectly executed, and the bride is always happy. In our industry those are a few things that a lot of planners can't brag - but we will brag on them. Amanda's entire design concept and overall taste in aesthetic is as mature as it is eclectic. I can't say enough about the way she organizes concepts up in the clouds and brings them into a room. 

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