Miles - "Hey Tracy, did you read that section on how to prep for your engagement shoot I sent you?"

Tracy- "I read the first 2 suggestions... Once you told me I couldn't bring my own Pinterest board along with me I was over it."

These two are too much fun. I've honestly never seen Tracy when she wasn't perfectly pulled together with a huge smile on her face. We clicked with an ongoing banter of sarcastic jokes from the very first sip of coffee together and when I met Chris for the first time his quit wit was the perfect fit.

Tracy runs a custom invitation company (CLICK HERE) with some of the coolest wedding invites around so truth be told I felt a little pressure with this shoot. That long with the fact that she is wildly stylish and so much fun to be around I really wanted to make sure that this shoot was special. I could go on for ages about these two together. Chris keeps Tracy grounded with pretty quick humor but he's also amazing at sitting a little bit back stage as Tracy tends to steal some spotlight. In fact, he's such a pulled together, good looking, confident guy he really does look pretty cool about a step behind her. Tracy on the other hand is a rockstar through and through. She's loud, opinionated, and excited about life in general. These two are full speed all the time BUT there is this little glimpse of something so much deeper when they're together. We really could see during the shoot just why the fell in love. For as quick as Chris is to joke, he's also pretty gentle with Tracy. When we backed up and just let them be the quiet moments between them were magic and a few of my very favorite photos are clearly in between my coaching. I can't wait to see Tracy walk down the aisle to Chris. Two of my very favorite people to work with and two new friends.