“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career. ” 
― C.S. Lewis

I'm not going to drag on and chat about this session near as long as I could. BUT I couldn't let it slip by without showing it to the world either. We've all been there. The family photo session where the kids are dressed up super cute, and are bribed every step of the way with another skittle or the promise of a new toy. Where the whole family is running late because getting everybody ready takes entirely too long and by the time you step out of the car you're exhausted, grumpy with each other, and ironically just in time to force each other to smile every time the photographer counts to three. You sit there hoping one single picture turns out just right for all the work you've put in and at the same time can't wait for the whole process to end simply because of how tired you are. It's odd to be able to tell this story from the other end of the camera but with a 3 year old and one on the way I can say Melissa and I have totally been there. We know that even when you love your photographer you don't always love the process and a lot of times getting a toddler (let alone a newborn or twin toddlers) to behave for long enough to smile for a picture can drive you crazy. ENTER lifestyle family sessions.

This session with Kari and Don, their twins Regan and Christian, and their newborn Mak was PERFECT. Mak is 4 days old in these photos and along side the chaos of 3 year old twin siblings the only real goal of this session was to tell the story of a morning together. Those moments when everybody is cuddled up laughing and smiling and having fun. Those moments when you're exactly your family and there's nothing but memories.  We spend so much time trying to remember what our kids look like forcing a smile but never take the time to remember what they're like in their pajamas in the morning running around being kids! OK - I think I've made my point. BUT here's where I'll wrap it up. In an hour with Kari and Don we had the time to play with the kids, laugh and chat, and see who they are in the moments they never want to forget. Not a single posed moment and not a single artificial memory. No forced smiles or candy bribes. No run away kids or grumpy babies. We had an hour of a family in their pajamas, doing exactly what they love together. 

Forget Pinterest and how many props you can work into your next family session and consider hiring a photographer who will be a part of the family for long enough to help you remember these special times.

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