I have a huge list of things to blog about these days. The number of shoots and edits and clients and meeting and Facebook updates and sponsorship shoutouts and on and on and on is at times overwhelming but I figured today I'd blog about something completely off topic.

It's my birthday. And not just any birthday - I'm 30. It's a wild feeling knowing my 20s are over. It's also wild to realize that I'm still so young compared to so many of the people that I watch and idolize in this industry. If you've ever sat with me in a marketing meeting, or a consult, or even just over coffee I've probably mentioned 5 year goals. I'm fortunate enough to have a few pretty successful friends and mentors who I've soaked up those ideas from. But what I've learned all on my own is how amazing a little bit of humility mixed with a little bit of ambition is. So - I'm writing specifically just to say how humbling being 30 and being followed by so many incredible people is. I'm so flattered and so honored to have people appreciate our work. So shocked by the comments and the interactions we get to have with so many people. And so excited for the future. So while I'm tempted to sit and whine a bit about how 30 snuck up on me and how I haven't shot in Fiji yet, or seen my photos on the front of People magazine I have had the incredible blessing of seeing some incredible places and watching some amazing love stories. In a very real way to me, I'm celebrating my 30th birthday along side a team of friends and most importantly to me an incredible wife who has allowed me to pursue so many dreams and has supported me every step of the way. 

Here's to another 5 years and a another set of goals. Speaking at WPPI, working along side some of my favorite photographers at Nikon and Lowepro, living an incredible adventure and most importantly watching my family grow up, my team evolve and develop all along the way holding hands with the prettiest girl I know. Thanks for reading - thanks for following - thanks for inspiring us! Here's to my 30's - I'm excited for this adventure.