“I fell in love with her the moment she was late, though neither one of us knew it at the time because she hadn’t arrived yet.” 
― Jarod Kintz,

I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS SESSION. We do so many sessions throughout the year there's no way I can blog them all but after spending the day a few days ago working with Megan on her bridal photos (which by the way turned out amazing) I couldn't remember if I ever gave her and Kyle the real estate on our blog they deserve. There's a story behind this shoot but it's been so long it's not nearly as exciting as it would have been if I'd written it while it was all so fresh on my mind. What I know for sure is that when we rolled into town to shoot this session with Megan + Kyle I had no idea what kind of couple they would be. Just a few hours later I was leaving beyond excited to be a part of their wedding. Kyle is just an all around good guy. He's super gentle with Megan with a little bit of a sarcastic humor but also southern through and through. This guy is cool and he knows it, but he's butter around Megan and I get the impression he's perfectly fine with it. Megan is perfectly beautiful. She's a bit quiet but not really shy. The type of girl that doesn't say exactly what she's thinking until she's thought it through but certainly isn't afraid to have an opinion. Her bridal session was unbelievable and spending the day with her and her sweet mom promise to be another blog post before long. For now - soak up a little mid week pretty and enjoy an old downtown session with a super beautiful couple.