We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.

– Kahlil Gibran

The longer I spend making my profession beauty the less I understand it. There's something about a moment, or light. Something intangible that can take anything and make it beautiful. We spend most of our lives chasing this question. Hiking hill tops and crossing streams, dodging taxis and taking planes. We travel next door and across the country in search of something that never fails to eventually come right to us.

Sydney is a pretty amazing person. The moment I met her and Clint (and her mom Gaye) I was struck by just how kind this family is. I could barely get a work in edgewise from the compliments and the excitement but for as pulled together and stylish as Sydney + Clinton were that day, nothing could have prepared me for this shoot. Beautiful. 

I can't help but love my job on days like this. When a big smile steps out of the car all wrapped in white lace and pearls and ready to see where I've decided to shoot. There's something so freeing about not knowing where you're going until you get there. Our bridal sessions are almost always just like that. We always come up with a place to meet and I usually have a few ideas in my head but for the most part I want to focus on what makes a girl a bride and a bride beautiful long before I worry about the things that are behind her. This shoot turned out to be perfect for Sydney. Just enough beautiful in the backdrop, just enough drama in the light. 

The wedding this last weekend was a dream and I can't wait to share those photos soon. But first - don't miss a chance to look through how perfectly beautiful Sydney was during this session.