“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Confucius


This family has made my day - over and over. Stefani's first email ever to me told me the story of her amazing little family and the fact that since this beautiful little boy joined them 2 years ago they've yet to have family photos taken because they can't seem to find a photographer who she things would take the time to see what makes their family special. Challenge accepted. If you've kept up with us for long you know that I don't do a ton of family sessions these days. Weddings and travel keep me pretty busy but when I have the right family there's nothing more fun than having the opportunity to run out and play. This session was a dream from the get go. These three showed up so full of smiles and so full of style that all I had to do was allow them the space to have some fun and the timing to catch it. I could go on forever about what sessions like this mean to me and how they are almost therapeutic in how they relax and reset me creatively but what matters here is the photos. A HUGE thanks to the Price family for the chance to be a part of the family for a few hours. I loved every second.