“If I’m going to sing like someone else, then I don’t need to sing at all.” ~Billie Holiday

It’s not all that often that I find myself at a loss for words. That said - Saturday’s wedding left me with a beautiful story to tell about two incredible people, I just haven’t figured out how to tell it yet. The great news is that before I sift through all of the thousands of shots from Megan + Kyle’s big day and try and relive all of the little moments with these two fantastic families I get to show off something far more simple to explain. Megan’s bridal shoot will go down as one of my very favorite ever. In fact, there are a few dozen other shots that I could share on here proudly, but instead of showing all of the photos - this post is simply about how beautiful a shoot can be when everything goes right. There’s not a huge story here, just Megan - a beautiful dress - a sweet mom - and the willingness to just go have a little adventure. We hiked around a little looking for the perfect place, waiting for the perfect light, and shooting for the perfect moment. No need to over pose these shots, most of them are a result of us just trying new things and having fun. I’ll get to the story of Megan + Kyle soon enough, but for today - soak up something completely beautiful.