“Fortune and love favor the brave.”
— Ovid

A freezing cold day full of winter mist and a brisk wind. A gorgeous couple completely unwilling to let the weather affect their fun. A couple of perfectly beautiful venues to set the scene for a dream photo wedding. A whole crew full of crazy, loud, excited friends. And even a photographer with a broken rib at the end of the night. This wedding was non-stop action. From the moment I showed up at this wedding in time to see the bridesmaids dancing on the bed to lil'Wayne and singing every word I knew what I was in for. I could go on forever about these two, or how small of a world it is that my in laws were invited to this wedding without me even knowing the connection to the couple I had. There's so much I could explain but the reality is that once you wrap your mind around the fact that it was about 18 degrees and misting outside during their couple's photos nothing else matters. The stories here are incredible - and I'm always proud to be a part of a military wedding, but at the end of the day they hired me to be a part of the wedding and though I am becoming more and more known these days for my words, I really do want the photos to speak for themselves with this wedding. 

I'm pretty proud to walk away from this wedding with two incredible new friends. Melissa + Sam are amazing together and both their love for eachother and just their overall joy is completely contagious. We spend a lot of time in STL these days and there's something about these couples that seem to all be magic. Safe to say I love this city, and love having so many opportunities to tell stories there. HUGE thanks to Melissa + Sam (and both families) for taking us in and making us feel so at home!

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