“When I saw you I fell in love. And you smiled because you knew.” - William Shakespeare

THESE TWO. To be honest I haven't decided where this is the beginning of chapter one of the novel that I could write about how perfectly suited for each other these two are - or if I'll do what seems like the better option and keep this short. The reality here is that just being asked to be a part of this wedding is an honor. Abigail has been a friend for a long time as an employee at Bedford Camera (where we buy all of our gear and you should to) and her dad is a heck of a photographer himself. Camdon it turns out is pretty much the greatest guy ever. From his awesome hair, to the way he somehow perfectly wraps around Abigail and manages to both encourage her big laugh and calm down any nerves in the moment these two somehow just fit. Abigail is a big personality. She's funny, and kind, and so completely beautiful - but what struck me most on this session was how willing she was to just trust the process in the name of fun. It was windy on this shoot. It rained on this shoot. It was freezing cold on this shoot. For all of the things that could have potentially gone wrong on this session - those were the things that made this session completely successful. These two made me more excited by the minute to watch her come down the aisle on the big day and I'm so beyond blessed to call them friends.