“There are three faithful friends: an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.”

—Benjamin Franklin 

First off let me say that I'm 90% sure that Courtney spit out whatever was in her mouth when she read the quote I picked for this blog. That was completely on purpose. I love mid week blog posts that don't require a ton of thinking and story telling. Don't get me wrong, wrapping up every week with a beautiful wedding is absolutely the thing that I love the most about my job but the wonderful truth about weddings is that after them the couple is married and a few of those couples keep in touch with us pretty well. If you've been reading for long you've seen me brag on these two over and over. Courtney + Scott's wedding was absolutely stunning. Her bridal shoot has become one of the most iconic shoots I've been a part of. Even Courtney's dad - "Big Al" has officially taken me in (I'm fairly sure there's an empty chair at Thanksgiving dinner just in case I stop by). To have couples like this that are so passionate about just enjoying their lives makes me so happy. It hasn't been quite a year yet since Courtney walked down the aisle to Scott and we're already getting them back in front of the lens this time with a new little addition. NO - all of you crazed friends of Courtney this isn't her weird way of announcing she's pregnant - instead they're really just showing off the baby they already have. Sherman is possibly the cutest dog I've ever been around and though I absolutely 100% cringe at the thought of most people bringing a dog with them to a shoot I'm so glad that they did! SO - without needing to go on and on about the story I'll keep it short and sweet. One hour with no place to be, and no agenda other than letting them hang out and enjoy some time together with a photographer close by. It was beautiful and Sherman was perfect.

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