"Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches." - William Goldham

It's Monday. Which means that the majority of the world around us is sitting at a desk watching the clock full of wanderlust and frustration. But a few of us, almost a select few with the courage to be in that group by choice, are living a great adventure. Adventure doesn't mean that every moment is a high moment. Adventure requires failure, it brings with it lows that drag on and make you question the entire trip, but it also rewards the end of each day with the reality that it was fully lived. If you read this blog often you know that I kind of consider this my little piece of real estate on the internet where I can encourage people to live more and worry less. We work a lot of long hours, and we have a lot of irons in the fire. We wear suits and ties and have business meetings and appointments in our calendars. We work our butts off - but ultimately at the end of each day the adventure moves forward. When I first heard from Erin she was in New Zealand for a triathlon (not exactly my normal first email from a new bride). She happened to name drop Abbey + Grant (two of my favorite clients ever) and the conversation just took off. 

Come to find out, Erin's life is a complete adventure. As a professional triathlete for the US team she spends her days training, traveling, and competing as much against herself as she does against the other people in the race. I was blown away by the life her and Steve have signed on for because make no mistake the life of being married to an adventurer is in and of itself an adventure. Melissa isn't on every plane ride with me these days, and she doesn't spend all of her time hiking up and down hill sides and running through fields like I do - but she is the best friend who I feel like is along with me every step of the way. Erin + Steve hit me in the same way. Steve is a perfectly level dude. Good looking, with a huge smile and a confident way of wrapping his arms around his tiny little fiance. These two laugh and joke almost without stopping but then there are these short moments between the giggles where the reality of their relationship really shows through. They're on an adventure together - one that's really just starting - and along with Hank (their cute pup) they're completely up for the challenge. This shoot was so much fun for me. Erin put zero pressure on me and let me just play and the end result is every bit as beautiful as I had hoped. So blessed to call these two friends now and to be a part of their wedding in November!