I spend most of my days somewhere near Max. For the last few years he's committed most of his time to having a camera in his hand and our team on his mind. He's been a partner, a friend, an associate, a team mate, a designer, photographer, liaison, and the list goes on and on. For all of the things Max HAS been, the only thing he's never been is in front of my camera for any more than just a snap shot here and there. I've traveled and sent this guy all over the country at this point and I've seen him beaming from ear to ear with a smile and a bit laugh as he explores with a camera in his hand but this shoot was easily the happiest I've ever seen him. Max met Brooke in true Max fashion and with a humility and a quiet attitude to his personal life it was a few months before I even know this girl existed. It didn't take long for their time together to become a pretty big priority and as they've mastered the 2 hours between them, and prepare for that 2 to become 7 as Brooke leaves for Medical School this summer Max set up this shoot as a chance to gift Brooke some photos she'd be really proud to take with her. This whole process wasn't exactly easy on Max, but I'm so glad to see him this happy and so happy that he embraced the moment. From the first little cuddle surounded by dust and dirt on a random back road in Missouri to being chest deep in freezing river water both of these two were completely present and completely smitten by the emotions of the moment. So - though I could go on and on and brag about what Max means to me as a friend, and though I could brag about how kind and beautiful Brooke is - I think I'll let the images do the talking (in true Max fashion).