"A heart in love with beauty never grows old." Turkish Proverb

Nine times out of ten even a pretty crappy version of your plan A will be better than your plan B. Now that I have your attention let me make my case a little bit. I don't know how many wedding days we wake up to with a chance of rain. Around here for some reason about half of our brides would say "the worst thing that could happen to their wedding day would be rain". First off - FALSE (by a longshot) and secondly FALSE. When we say relax and enjoy the ride we mean it! Don't get me wrong, I understand that there are times in which rain can really affect plans. I also know that some times it's simply raining TOO hard to do anything out in and plan B becomes  must so I'm certainly not suggesting there not be one - BUT I am suggesting that you wait until it's absolutely necessary to make that call. This wedding was the perfect example.

When Max and I arrived to the salon on Morgan + Trey's wedding day it was a solid downpour. The rain was relentless and the outlook was pretty grim however we did our best to convince Morgan to stay the course and see what happened. Her outdoor ceremony and outdoor reception had indoor options but they were far from ideal and would have taken her 150 guests down to about 12 for the ceremony and left all of her guests huddled under tents during the reception at the Botanical Gardens. It's easy to say "I told you so" when you get lucky with weather but the truth is in this case I did. We asked Morgan to embrace the weather and let it be a part of her story instead of fighting it and she was amazing about going with the flow. In fact this bride has been exactly that amazing from the very get go. Not long after my initial meeting with her she moved up to Boston to be closer to Trey who works as a sports reporter and I haven't had a lot of opportunities to chat with her. Her bridal session was incredible and she's certainly an absolutely gorgeous girl but what made this wedding so cool was the way her and Trey compliment each other. They're both pretty photogenic people but together they're amazing and the whole day from the moment they saw each other was easy. We got pretty lucky and watched the clouds part about 30 minutes before the ceremony started. In fact after an entire morning of worrying about the rain gave away to an incredibly hot and incredibly sweaty Arkansas ceremony. Direct sun was a quick reality but the photos were perfect before the light change and by the time we walked into the reception at the Botanical Gardens the day was absolutely beautiful. 

So grateful to have been a part of this one. Morgan quickly became a friend during the engagement and though I know these two are on their honeymoon RIGHT NOW I'm betting they find a way to relive these moments not long after I post. I can't wait to get up to Boston to hopefully shoot some of their friends soon and definitely can't wait for them to see the rest of the photos from this incredible day! -- Miles.

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