"THAT WAS SO US." -Dominic Smith


This wedding was everything. EVERYTHING. I’m completely sure that I know that saying that makes me sound like a 16 year old girl. But I’m also sure that just being asked to be a part of this wedding made me feel like a fan girl. Courtney has been a friend from the get go. This girl shoots some of the prettiest film photos I’ve ever seen but that’s besides the point. Long before Courtney got a ring on her finger, long before Courtney signed up to be a part of my lightHEARTED workshop and blew everybody away with her double exposures, we met Courtney working along side one of my very favorite wedding planners in the country at a beautiful wedding in Eureka Springs. This girl grabbed a film camera out of my bag and went to work playing around with light in such unique ways that she really impressed me and gave me a really clear picture from the very instant we met of what she loves about photos.

Fast forward months and months and months and we arrived at her wedding ready to capture an incredibly important day in her and Dom’s lives and feeling completely ready to do it in a way that really expresses who she is and who they are as a couple. Everything about our photos of this day, from the compositions to the color and even the use of light was tailored around what she loves but what I wasn’t expecting was to be so personally moved by the whole day. Courtney + Dom are incredible together. In fact Dom’s reaction as they walked back down the aisle right after being officially named as husband and wife was easily my favorite EVER. This guy’s laughter is completely infectious and I loved the conversation that started out my day with him where he told me “Please don’t ask me to be serious today because there’s no way I’ll be able to. I’m way to excited and way to happy to stop smiling right now.” PERFECT Dom - PERFECT. 

“THAT WAS SO US!” are the words he was able to get out through his laughter as Courtney looked at him on their way back down the aisle. And it was - in every sense. So now I’m beyond happy to be able to show off the images from one amazing day that was “SO THEM”.  I can’t say enough about all of the people involved in this day : 

Jessica Kersey : the wedding planner with JLK Weddings was AMAZING. (She always is - and it helps that Courtney works along side her week after week)

Dave and a Camera : Our videographers are always amazing. BUT on this one Dave + Brandon were a little extra awesome.

Max : What can I say? Max is a genius playing the second camera position.

Logan Kersey : this was the coolest part of the wedding to me. Jessica’s husband has a BBQ truck that pulled up and served food for the reception. It was AMAZING by the way

Long story short I fell completely head over heels in love with Courtney + Dom right off the bat. Their love and joy for life is AMAZING. Dom’s joy for life and his ability to love his wife is unmatched and Courtney’s willingness to go with the flow in the name of creativity was so impressive to me. 

Cheers to : 

-Sinking row boats without proper paddles

-Backyard BBQ served out of a truck

-100 Degree weddings on Arkansas Summer days (we may all whine but we’d miss them if we didn’t do them)

-Brides who are willing to dance in the rain on their bridal shoot and sweat on their wedding day