"Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it." -Rumi


There is an amazing amount of story behind this story. From the very first moment we chatted with Natasha and Brian I was blown away with how beautiful their vision for this day was. 

If you haven’t seen the images from their rehearsal dinner you’ve missed a blast and if you haven’t seen our engagement session with them at 5:00am on the Brooklyn Bridge just as the first touches of light his the southern tip of Manhattan - well you’ve missed a few of my favorite photos ever. But this entire day was it’s own story. This day was the day that Brian would have a bride and that Natasha would finish with a husband. The location was such a neat challenge. From the moment we showed up to the Molly Pitcher Inn the morning of the wedding in Red Bank, NJ we were hit with ideas. This isn’t the type of place where every vantage is iconic but it does have more neat little nooks and crannies than just about any other place I’ve ever shot. The light was a dream all day and though we definitely had to fight working around the rain that came just in time to cancel a gorgeous outdoor first look and ceremony - with the help of a GREAT wedding planner, an incredible staff, and some of the best friends this day came together perfectly. Brian is a completely amazing groom.

I have to admit when you picture a corporate attorney who works in Times Square every single day you don’t picture this guy. YES, he’s pretty clean cut, pretty refined, and incredibly articulate - he’s also hilarious, very witty, super sensitive with Natasha, and the life of the party. Watching this guy go from the strong - caring guy that Natasha snuck up behind on their surprise first look to rapping 90’s hip hop in the middle of the dance floor just a few hours later was amazing. For as much as I clicked with Brian (one of my favorite grooms of the year for sure) his wife is absolutely the coolest girl I know. I hate that the weather didn’t turn out just how she wanted it on the wedding day because aside from that one little detail there wasn’t a single second of stress all day. Natasha was fun, professional, sweet and clearly gorgeous all day. The moment she saw Brian she just sort of melted into him and the rain no longer meant much of anything. 

I can sincerely say that watching an event staff turn an outdoor ceremony for about 200 people into an indoor ceremony for about 200 people in 20 minutes may have set records but they pulled it off. The band at this wedding were completely VIP (not surprising considering Natasha spends her entire life working with the music industry). HUGE thanks to Lauren Perry Events for all the help all weekend making sure this wedding went off perfectly - and to the Molly Pitcher Inn for making magic but mostly to Max for managing to keep me cool and dry while he spent the day running around in the rain chasing down things for me all while taking some of the absolute best images of his year so far.